Commissioning a box
Initial Design
The best way to describe the process of commissioning a box is as a collaboration. When you want to talk to me about commissioning a piece, we will first establish:

- The purpose of the box. Do you want a jewellery box, or a cufflinks box, a watch box or a memory box to store an item of great sentimental value or personal importance?

- This will then have a bearing on the size that it will have to be.

- Materials. I can offer suggestions for this, or you may have a particular wood or woods that you would like to use. In either case, I can supply samples and details for your approval.

- Hardware. If you would like a hinged lid or a lock we can talk about options for brass or stainless steel hardware. Or if you want something really special, we can use silver or gold.

- Personalisation. If the item is a gift for a special birthday or occasion, you might like to consider a degree of personalisation and you can see all the options for this here.
Design Drawings
Once we have worked out these details, I will produce some 3d drawings of the finished piece, (click on the image to show some examples) which will show you a representation of what the finished box will look like in shape and colour.

When these are approved I will give you a final price and I will begin construction on receipt of a deposit to cover construction costs. This will take between six and twelve weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and any marquetry work.
Completion and delivery
When I have finished the box, I will send you pictures and issue a final invoice. When this has been paid, I will arrange to send you the box by courier delivery, which will normally take two to three days.

It is important to note that if there is a particular date that you would like the box finished by, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can arrange to have it ready in plenty of time.