Uniquely personal gifts
Any of my boxes can be made a truly individual gift with the addition of some sort of personalisation. I offer several ways of doing this for you and I'm sure that one of these will be perfect for you
Inlaid laser cut initials
These can be done in any font that you require and can include any other information that you want. For example, if the box is for a particular birthday or wedding date, it can be added, as shown in this example of dyed boxwood inlaid into burr maple.
A recent addition to the personalisation is the use of very stylised initials as part of the inlay design on the outside of the box. The design is obviously dependent on the initials of the person involved and will be approved with a full scale drawing before I start work.
Hand carving
Initials (or other personalisation) can also be hand carved into the surface of a box. This is only possible in some cases, as some of the decorative veneers I use are too thin for this to work, but if you particularly like this look then I can construct the box to make it possible.
These can take several forms, but are usually some variant of copperplate lettering which I hand cut and inlay into a box for a unique decorative detail.
One final method which I offer is engraving on an inlaid metal plate, either brass or, for that extra touch, silver or gold (both hallmarked). This can be either machine cut or handcut in full copperplate script (which requires at least four weeks notice) and can add a wonderful touch of luxury to any box.
All the inlays and monograms are entirely hand cut, except where otherwise stated or if size is an issue. If the design is particularly small, it is more appropriate to have it laser cut which allows for very precise detail on a very small scale. I can arrange for this and inlay the finished work, but I must admit that I prefer to design such that I can do it all by hand as I feel that this gives the finished piece an added uniqueness.

If you would like to discuss any of these options in more detail, please contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions.