Large Chests
Please note that the interior of any box can be customised with your choice of tray, divisions within that tray and lining material
‘Vortex’ Chest
Made using antique pommelle veneer originally intended for a refit of the Queen Mary. The rich colour of the pommel is set off by the masur birch and amboyna inlay. The hardware is custom made in solid brass from my own design to make the piece truly unique…and of course, there is a secret compartment.
Size: 40cm x 30cm x 30cm
Price: £3250 - Available to order
William Morriss Tea Caddy
Made for an exhibition at the William Morriss gallery in Walthamstow (voted Museum of the Year in 2013), this tea caddy uses beautiful english burr walnut as the ground for inlay of ripple sycamore, maple burr, holly and vavona burr. The design on the inside of the lid borrows the iconic acanthus leaf from William Morriss to give a unique marquetry detail.
Size: 50cm x 15cm x 20cm
Price: £2900 - Available to order
Tansu chest
Based on a traditional Japanese strongbox form, this box has a deceptively simple exterior of Australian lacewood and ebony hiding an intricately inlaid interior, with inlay of burr maple, burr walnut, vavona burr and holly in masur birch. There is also a secret compartment based on a traditional Japanese treatment with a hidden box locked in place by a sliding brass rod.
Size: 20cm x 45cm x 35cm
Price: £2900 - Available
Sewing box
This box was commissioned by a textile artist to house her most used embroidery and sewing tools, so each drawer is divided to take particular tools and accessories based on her requirements. It is made from the best quality american burr black walnut with subtle ebony inlay details
Size: 25cm x 20cm x 35cm
Price: £850 - Available to order
Clun Dunbar jewellery chest
Jewellery chest commissioned as a birthday gift for a member of the Clan Dunbar, made from finest quality English burr walnut and inlaid with a marquetry clan badge. The box features custom made hardware such that all the drawers and doors lock with a single key so that, once closed, you cannot gain access to any part of the storage. It also has a removable drawer section which conceals a secret compartment.
Size: 50cm x 35cm x 30cm
Price £4500 - Available to order with your own marquetry inlay design
‘Memory of Night and Day’ - Jewellery chest/memory box
Intended as a memory box to store the treasured keepsakes of a family’s history, this box in clear ash veneer is inlaid with purpleheart and box wood with an interior of mass birch, indian laurel and mahogany. It also features gold and silver discs to anchor the centres of the inlay patterns. As with all my larger chests, there is a secret compartment, this time hidden behind a removable bank of drawers.
Size: 45cm x 30cm x 30cm
Price £3500 (Including custom made stand in purpleheart and ash) - Available